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Pupil Accommodation Review

The purpose of this Pupil Accommodation Review is to improve programs offered to students.

TDSB staff’s initial recommendation directs students from Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy to Kipling Collegiate Institute or other area schools. This will result in more choices and opportunities within all four pathways: workplace, apprenticeship, college, and university. Staff is recommending the closure of Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy effective June 30, 2018.

Please note that no final decisions have been made. Community consultation is currently taking place to get feedback about staff’s initial recommendation. Please attend the public meetings and read the information posted below to keep informed. The Board of Trustees will make final decisions at the end of the review process.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this review, please contact your principal or email us at with “Kipling CI, Richview CI, and Scarlett Heights EA PARC” in the email subject line.

For more information about this review, please click on the Helpful Information tab (below) or the Reference Documents tab (menu listing on the left of this page).

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Trustee, Ward 2: Chris GloverSuperintendent: Angela Nardi-Addesa
TDSB Superintendent: Annie ApplebyTDSB Superintendent: Angela Nardi-Addesa
Administrative Liaison: Sawsan Messih (416-394-3911)

Kipling Collegiate InstituteRhonda Davy(416) 394-7930
Richview Collegiate InstituteSam Miceli(416) 394-7980
Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial AcademyRizwana Jafri(416) 394-7750

Pupil Accommodation Review Committee

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