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Review is currently not in the This is a review process that involves school(s) 
identified on the top section of this page.  
For further information about this review, 
Contact names have been provided. stageReview is currently in the The public meeting date(s) are identified in this 
section. For more information about the meeting, 
please see this section. stageReview is currently not in the The committee report for this review is posted 
For details about the report, please see here.  
this section. stageReview is currently not in the The report for this review is submitted to board 
for a decision.  For details about the decision, 
please see this section. stage
Trustee, Ward 12: Alexander BrownTrustee, Ward 5: Alexandra Lulka
Superintendent: Elizabeth AddoSuperintendent: Linda Curtis
Superintendent: Louie PapathanasakisAdministrative Liaison: Luis Tencio Aguilar (416-394-3909)

Charles H Best Middle SchoolKatia Palumbo416-395-2170
Dublin Heights Elementary and Middle SchoolNancy Lerner416- 395-2360
Pleasant Public SchoolLara Schneider416-395-2770
Willowdale Middle SchoolKathy Gaziuk416-395-2970
Wilmington Elementary School Cathy Trajkovski416-395-2180

Program Area Review Team

Supporting Staff

Meeting(s) - Community Engagement

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