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Transferring to Another School

In order not to disrupt their learning, students are not encouraged to transferring to a different school within the TDSB under normal circumstances. On exceptional occasions and approved by the International Students and Admissions Office, international students can request to transfer to a different school at end of the school year or at time of renewal.
The following procedure should be followed:

Step 1: Student submits the request to the designated guidance counsellor at his/her current school and provides valid reasons for the request.

Step 2: Guidance department verifies the rationale for the request and contact the guidance department of intended school on availability for spaces and course offerings. At this stage the International Students and Admissions Office should be contacted for approval.

Step 3: Home school guidance department approves the transfer request and releases the student. At this stage, the International Students and Admissions Office must be informed.

Step 4: Receiving school registers the student.

Step 5: The international Students and Admissions Office makes the change in the database.

If you have any questions, please contact the International Students and Admissions office at: 416-395 8120 or e-mail us at:

Transitioning to Another School

When a student graduates and their current school doesn't have their next grade for September, the student is known as a transitioning student. This usually occurs when a student graduates from an elementary school to a high school. International Students need to contact the International Students and Admissions Office at: 416-395-8120 or email at: to make arrangements for their new school year.

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