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TDSB Reader's Choice

Check out the Reader’s Choice selections below to see what titles TDSB students are reading and to get ideas of what to read next.

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TDSB Reader’s Choice — April 2018


* Blue links lead to the TDSB Library catalogue.
* Green links lead to the Toronto Public Library catalogue.



Give Me Back My Dad by Robert Munsch

Submitted by Autumn at West Rouge Junior Public School

My favourite part was when the daughter went in the water. My friends would like this book. It was funny.


The Fish's Tale by Dr. Seuss

Submitted by Solomon at West Rouge Junior Public School

I liked the page where the cat is dancing.


Grade 1

The Ugly Duckling by Ian Smith

Submitted by Firas at Denlow Public School

The story talks about a swan that was wrongly put in a ducks family because of the egg rolling over to a different nest. The other ducks started making fun of the little swans color as they thought he was an ugly duck and that he looked different. The swan grew up to become a beautiful swan.
It teaches you about not making fun of other peoples look and their color. Because in the end when the grow up, color will not matter as they can become a lawyer or a doctor or open their own company and do something big in life.


Down The Drain by Robert Munsch

Submitted by Daniel at West Rouge Junior Public School

I liked the book because the dad was funny when he went down the drain. My friends would like this book because it has funny pictures and made me laugh.



Grade 2

Heidi Heckelbeck in Disguise by Wanda Coven

Submitted by Zoe at Hillcrest Community School

This book is funny. For example, when Heidi came to school on Halloween she was being really funny and sassy. I liked that because I like books that make me laugh. 


Pirate palooza by Erik Craddock

Submitted by Ayaan at West Rouge Junior Public School

I liked this book because it reminded me of my pirate book at home. I also liked it because it is very funny and I liked the part when the rabbit goes savage with the sword. I also liked the picture of Moby Dick getting angry at Barnacle Bob.


The snurtch by Sean Ferrell

Submitted by Magnus at McKee Public School

You should read this book because I learned how to focus. This story is about a snurtch that made a girl very lazy. But one day the snurtch made the girl draw a picture and the other people in the class liked her drawing. The snurtch is still crazy, but sometimes good and makes you have different feelings.


Once upon a pet by Suzanne Selfors

Submitted by Miya at McKee Public School

People that like pets should read this book because it's all about pets. It's a burst of excitement when you find out what happened to Gala, Earl grey, Drake, and much more pets. I think that this is a great book and that you should read it too.


Grade 3

The Adventures Of Miss Petitfour by Anne Michaels

Submitted by Martins at Perth Avenue Junior Public School

They should read it because Miss Petitfour is funny and she has 16 cats! I was surprised when I found out that Miss Petitfour had so much cats. There were 5 adventures that Miss Petitfour went to.


Great by Glen Gretzky and Lauri Halamis

Submitted by Celin at Victoria Village Public School

Dear TDSB Readers,
You should read this book because it has so many themes like to use teamwork, to persevere, to have a good attitude and to practice. Also, this book has one of the world's best hockey players in it, and in this book his dad is the coach named Wally! Did I convince you? 


A boy named queen by Sara Cassidy

Submitted by Lindsay at Forest Manor Public School

You should read this book if you like books about making friends. There is a boy named Queen he gets make fun every single day because of his name but then some kids start standing up for him he gets very happy now that he has friends and his new friends notice that he is nice, kind, caring and a good friend. I learned a lesson it is good to have new friends.


Grade 4

A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle

Submitted by Daniel at Allenby Junior Public School

TDSB Readers should read this book because it communicates all the feelings that one would experience while growing up like sadness, hope, love, fear, mistrust, anger and many others.



The Banana Leaf Ball by Katie Smith Milway

Submitted by Hannah at Stanley Public School

This book is a very amazing book it's called "The Banana Leaf Ball" it's about peace and friends. There is also some bullying and how history happens. A boy makes a ball made out of banana leaves and he makes friends while having it, it was a key to the world of playing together. You should read this book and be a part of the world’s helpers not the world's bullies.                                                                              



The Griffin Of Darkwood by Becky Citra

Submitted by Dima at Forest Manor Public School

This book is creepy and gave me the shivers while reading it. It's about a boy who lives with his mean aunt and she tells him there moving to a different place when they get there people act very weird. He meets a girl named Emma and a boy named Thom they explore the castle and they find secrets and magic! This was my experience from reading the book I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Grade 5

Yellow Dog by Miriam Korner

Submitted by Isabella at King George Junior Public School

I liked this book because it was about dog sledding and dogs and the relationship between human and dog. It's very inspirational and heart warming!


Awkward by Svetlana Chmakova

Submitted by Jessie at Kennedy Public School

They should read this book because this book tells us to work as a team no matter what kind or type of club or anything you are in, everything is similar. It encourage us to work in a team to get a better progress.



5 Giraffes by Anne Innes Dagg

Submitted by Aija at Hillcrest Community School

I love 5 Giraffes because it has REAL LIFE stories. For example, there are two baby twin giraffes is this book. Those twins are the ONLY TWIN GIRAFFES IN AMERICA! How cool is that? Not very cool? Ok. Well, let me tell you that if you don’t think one of the stories is interesting, there are four more stories. If you start from the beginning, (like me) then you will see that every time you move on from a story, the next one is always a little more interesting. Do you like facts? Do you like stories? Do you like really random but still cute pictures of giraffes? If so, then 5 Giraffes is the book for you!!



Hidden figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

Submitted by Raisa at Sprucecourt Public School

This is a book is about the power that women contain. It is to show the many difficulties women have faced through civilization. This book also shows what women have did to contribute to making earth the advanced planet that it is.


Grade 6

She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton 

Submitted by Kaviyan at Bendale Junior Public School

TDSB readers should read this book because this shows that not just men can change the world but women too. These women have changed the world mentally, spiritually and physically. All of these women have persisted! This book will change the way a reader will think a lot. That is why "She Persisted" should be read by many readers!



George by Alex Gino

Submitted by Aarya at C D Farquharson Junior Public School

This is a very inspirational book and requires a lot of thinking about how people in real life would feel if they were in the same situation. The book George is a lot about friendship and risking your happiness for your best friends.


Grade 7

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Submitted by Shakira at Henry Hudson Senior Public School

You should read this book. You should read this book because it teaches you lessons and helps you feel better about yourself. If you like tragedy then this is just the book for you it also has a little bit and jealousy and just a spoonful of romance. If you enjoy this than you should read more Jane Austen books. You can find more Jane Austen book in your local library or in our library.



Shadow Magic by Joshua Khan

Submitted by Purba  at Henry Hudson Senior Public School

TDSB readers should read "Shadow Magic". Even though I have no connections to the book, that's what makes it a great! It's so unlike real life! The book is so suspenseful and mysterious and you never know what might happen on the next page, the characters are VERY unlike me. There are a few plot twists too. You can visualize all the settings. This book should probably be read by ages 9 and up cause the walking dead are involved in some parts. "Shadow Magic" is a really great book, I was hooked.    


Grade 8

Nightmares by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller

Submitted by Aadhavan at Don Mills Middle School

TDSB readers should read this book because if you want action, mystery and a bit of horror in a book this is the right book for you!! Young Charlie believes his new stepmom is a witch! He keeps having the same nightmare over and over again! But now he knows something is wrong with him if his nightmare knows about his personal info... How will he stop this? Read the book to find out!



Secret Path by Gord Downie 

Submitted by Tishaana at Milliken Public School

Secret Path told a very emotional and real story. It covers the issues that Indigenous peoples had faced in residential schools. I love the lyrics that Gord Downie wrote for the story. They hold a lot of meaning in them and tell Chanie Wenjack's story in the realist way.



Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Submitted by Amsa at Milliken Public School

I recommend this book for all Grade 8 that are interested into virtual reality and like the thought of how life would be in the future. This book is amazing because it is about how Earth can be a horrible place, but the gaming in life can brighten up your life in 2045.


High School

The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

Submitted by Abigail at Leaside High School

In my opinion, The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong is a book filled with mysteries and secrets that the main character has to uncover about herself. I would recommend this novel to TDSB readers who enjoy paranormal fiction and fantasy. This story takes place in a small town; Salmon Creek that follows a girl named Maya who lost her best friend and tries to recover from it. Throughout this novel Maya learns things about herself and what she really is with the help of her friend Daniel and the new boy Rafe.


The House Ruth Built by Robert Weintraub

Submitted by Eamon at Leaside High School

The House That Ruth Built is a phenomenal book about baseball, and I highly recommend it to people that are baseball and non-baseball fans. The book covers Babe Ruth’s legacy as a Yankee starting from 1920, talking about his personal life, his life on the field, as well as the Yankees, and the battle with the other New York team to become the champions of the league! Babe Ruth was a huge part of the team’s success on the field, and business wise, which is why the book was given the title it has. I found the book very interesting because it goes into depth on everything taking place, from the field itself to the roar from the fans. It was also nice that the author did a great job of explaining how different the game of baseball was back then from how it is now, the equipment, salaries, league, field, and most notably the condition of the baseballs. Nowadays, there is a new ball put into play after every pitch, and the balls are very quality, back then the balls were low quality and new ones weren't put into play as often, therefore that time in baseball is now considered the "deal ball era". This book definitely isn't for everyone, as there isn't much action or mystery involved, but it's a great read if you want to learn about the world of baseball a century ago, and compare just how different life in general is today compared to back then.


Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Submitted by Michelle at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute

At first glance, the book did not appeal to me. I wasn't really into cyborgs and technology; however, a few years later, I came across the book again after I heard good reviews on it. So I decided to try it, and I'm so glad I did!

It had everything I liked: a growing romance, an interesting new society, some mystery, cliff-hangers, and more. I also discovered some new preferences. For instance, I was actually intrigued when the book talked about the new technology and inventions in the story.

Another thing I learned: don't judge a book by its cover!


Boy, Snow, Bird by Halen Oyeyemi

Submitted by Dana at Etobicoke School of the Arts

I got a new appreciation for who I am because of the people in my life. Reading this book made me wish for more time spent with the people I love.



50 things to go further with Google classroom : a student-centered approach by Alice Keeler

Submitted by Ahamed at Forest Hill Collegiate Institute

In this book, the author offers practical tips and strategies for teachers create student-centered classrooms through Google Apps and Google Classroom. In addition, the author explores a number of ways to allow for differentiation using Google Classroom.



* Blue links lead to the TDSB Library catalogue.
* Green links lead to the Toronto Public Library catalogue.

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