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TDSB Reader's Choice

Check out the Reader’s Choice selections below to see what titles TDSB students are reading and to get ideas of what to read next.

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TDSB Reader’s Choice — May 2018

* Blue links lead to the TDSB Library catalogue.
* Green links lead to the Toronto Public Library catalogue.

Grade 1

Why should I recycle? by Jen Green
Submitted by Ana at Bendale Junior Public School
It helps the earth by not getting a lot of trash. We learned not to put every single thing in the garbage. Other kids can help the earth and not waste a lot of garbage.

Grade 2

Thunder cake by Patricia Polacco
Submitted by Niki at Bridlewood Junior Public School
This would be a great to read to a class because it teaches two lessons
1. that you should always believe in yourself
2. you can always face your fear

Even superheroes have bad days by Shelly Becker
Submitted by Lucas at Arbor Glen Public School
Readers should read this book because it is educational and very interesting. It’s about superheroes that have bad days. It’s a good book. It has nice pictures. It is easy to read.

Grade 3

The Vimy oaks: a journey to peace by Linda Granfield
Submitted by Yashitha Krishna at Forest Manor Public School
Readers should read this book because it is about First World War. Canadians took place in the war also France and Belgium took place in the war too. The Military teaching school was in Saskatchewan. I like this book because I got to know about First World War and I hope you read this book to understand of First World War.

A squiggly story by Andrew Larson
Submitted by Omar at Victoria Village Public School
You should read this book because it reminds you of your childhood. It reminds you of when you were in JK and SK and when you were learning to write with squiggles and swirls. I liked that the story taught us how to write a story that is exciting. These are the three reasons why others should read this book!

Big book of who: baseball by Mark Bechel
Submitted by Joh at McKee Public School
I think that you should read this book if you like baseball.
My reason is that it tells you about the history of baseball, champions, super sluggers, prime pitchers, cool characters, and record breakers. I love this book because I love playing and watching baseball and I also want to learn about different baseball players. That is why I want you to read this book.

Babymouse: Skater girl by Jennifer L. Holm
Submitted by Soha at Princess Margaret Junior School
Here are a few reasons why you should read Babymouse Ice skater. This book will make you laugh because Babymouse always does something wrong and she always finds a way to make it funny. The pictures in this book are really interesting because they only have pink, white and black. Babymouse makes me feel happy when I feel sad because she's basically always happy and that makes me feel better about myself. That's why you should read this book.

Grade 4

Cyberbullying by Heather E. Schwartz
Submitted by Fatima at Willow Park Junior Public School
Cyberbullying is a good book because it tells you the facts about: some people who got bullied online, how to tell if you are the cyberbully or if you were getting bullied. It also tells you if you are bullying how you can stop. It also asks you about situations and asks you "What would you do?" Another fact in the book is how to know that someone has started to cyberbully you.

To burp or not to burp: a guide to your body in space by Dave Williams
Submitted by Anthony at Stanley Public School
People should read this book because it describes the effects that might or will happen while you're in and out of space. Kids that want to become a future astronaut will probably need this amazing book. For example, after returning from space, you might find yourself temporarily shorter than you were before and while you were in space because your bones got used to the zero-gravity in space. Hope you'll like and read this book!

Grade 5

Tank and Fizz 3: The case of the missing mage by Liam O'Donnell
Submitted by Dalia at Ancaster Public School
I definitely KNOW who ever is reading this will enjoy this book! It's a mix of everything, drama, adventure and many other things. And (nope not done yet) it’s just overall a great book! I love the story, especially the end of the book. Additionally I love the illustrations! I would recommend this book for anyone who is 8-12 years old and looking for a good book but I'm not saying you have to be between the ages to read this amazing book you could be 7, you could be 13 you could be any age you want! No wonder this book earned a Silver Birch award (2018)!

The wild robot by Peter Brown
Submitted by Samantha at Jackman Avenue Junior Public School
I think TDSB readers should read the wild robot because it is a very touching story. It is about a robot that learns to live in the wild and saves multiple animals from there predators and the cold but then gets ripped away from her friends and new family (the animals). All in all it's a very good book but be prepared to shed a tear at the end.

Grade 6

The Wishmakers by Tyler Whitesides
Submitted by Keera at Pleasant View Middle School
Normally, when you open a jar of peanut butter it's just regular peanut butter right? Well not for 12 year old Ace! Instead of delicious peanut butter he finds a genie! And now he's on a quest, and if he doesn't complete it then all cats and dogs will turn into human eating zombies!!! Be sure to read this hilarious, good book today!

Restart by Gordon Korman
Submitted by Chloe at Beverly Glen Junior Public School
TDSB readers should read this book Restart because it’s inspiring. A boy name Chase falls off the roof, after the incident he can’t remember who he is, his family, and friends. Chase works hard to regain his memory, he never gave up. At times he made it a big deal, sometimes he asks questions to himself, who am I? It was very hard for him, at first he didn’t believe himself, each day he was confident and ready to go to rehab. But no matter what he never gave up, that taught me to fight back.

Brave by Svetlana Chmakova
Submitted by Natalie at Beverly Glen Junior Public School
TDSB readers should read this book because it can inspire and build up your character of bravery and courage. This book can inspire you to make the right decision and stand up for what you believe in. So when you’re making a tough decision always remember the book brave and take the opportunity to do the right thing. This book was really encouraging and inspiring you to be brave.

cakemoji by Jenni Powell
Submitted by Farheen at Donwood Park Public School
I recommend people to read this book because it has lots of recipes for cakes and the cake have emojis on them, people should learn recipes for cakes but if you read this full book you will get really hungry YUMMM this why people should read this book.

Grade 7

Guitar Notes by Mary Amato
Submitted by Mae Shi at Henry Kelsey Senior Public School
The book, Guitar Notes is a fictional story that comes to life. Every detail in the book is so well expressed that it's very easy to picture out in your mind what's happening and it is very realistic and very relatable. I found myself anticipating what would happen next as I read ahead. This book tells us that being perfect isn't always good and instead of aiming for perfect, we should find and follow our passions. I found the message in this book powerful and relatable to myself and I hope others will too!

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson
Submitted by Roven at Bloordale Middle School
Beautiful, lovely and timeless. Another beautifully amazing book by Morgan Matson, I really enjoyed it, it was humorous, entertaining, and charming. I recommend this book to kids 12-15. Lovely, absolutely lovely.

Grade 8

Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry
Submitted by Jiya at Smithfield Middle School
Before I proceed, this book is a sequel to the book "The Giver", I highly recommend you read that book as well, it was phenomenal! I think other TDSB readers should read this book, Gathering Blue, because it was full of twists and turns. Mysteries to be solved on every corner. It also teaches you not to trust just any soul, no matter how nice. From this book I learned to question our society, today, from now on I won't just go with life like the wind, I will fight and win! So, I hope you will embark with me on this wonderful journey!

High School

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin
Submitted by Megan at William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute
Victoria is a historical novel with as much intrigue and excitement as a great fiction novel. It follows the life of young Victoria, the queen of England, and her remarkable life. It deals with her romance, family, and responsibilities, in a way anyone, especially other young woman, can relate too.

Kiffe Kiffe Demain by Faïza Guène
Submitted by Angelica at Harbord Collegiate Institute
Ce livre est bon pour les enfants de l'école secondaire ou au lycée, car la fille Doria (personnage principale) est à peu près 15 ans et vous pouvez mieux comprendre et relier avec elle si vous êtes à peu près le même âge qu'elle. Kiffe Kiffe Demain est un livre à propos d'une jeune fille qui s'appelle Doria, qui vit seule avec sa mère, qui essaye de se remettre le départ de son père (il est parti pour trouver une autre femme plus jeune et féconde que la mère de Doria) et sa vie quotidienne.

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
Submitted by Michelle at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute
Although it is historical fiction, many readers who do not enjoy this genre will definitely find it interesting in the other topics that are brought up in this novel, such as female empowerment, slavery, and more. Additionally, the story bends and twists in unpredictable moments that even experienced readers like myself won't expect what's going to happen next. An overall powerful and meaningful approach to the history that still impacts us today.


Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman
Submitted by Cherie at Bridlewood Junior Public School
I think this book would be a good book to share with a class because it teaches you to not judge, show respect and kindness, and to believe in yourself. It is a story about Grace who wants to audition to be Peter Pan.  A couple of her classmates tell her she can’t do it because she is a girl and she does not look like Peter Pan. Grace learns that it doesn’t matter what you look like. She auditions and aces the audition. She is the best Peter Pan.

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