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We Hear You

Hearing from our communities is critical to the success of this work to improve equity inside our schools and classrooms. We’ve actively and regularly been listening to staff, students, parents and partners and this ongoing communication and dialogue is shaping the work we do. We will continue to engage and work with our communities while constantly reflecting on and revising our strategies as necessary to best serve and support our students.

Here are some things we’ve heard from you:

Comments from our Student Voice Consultation Sessions, March and April 2017

  • Choice of Program – This ranges from choice of course content to method of delivery, students are asking for more comprehensive choices than what has traditionally been available. There was a focus on personal finance, skills that are immediately relevant in the lives of students at a young age. 
  • Quality of Instruction – We have heard many comments about the quality of instruction. Students also mentioned favoritism in class and some gender inequity; lack of differentiation that is meaningful; teacher seen as holder of knowledge and a gatekeeper to next level, but not necessarily a partner for students. 
  •  Access to Opportunity – This includes physical access to all aspects of school and learning, and also access in terms of all students receiving the same opportunities, as opposed to what currently happens - only the "chosen few" are selected, leaving others out consistently. 
  • Focus on Equity – Students appreciate the recent focus on equity in schools, but want to see this go deeper and be more inclusive. Not enough has happened to get our schools into a truly equitable place, and they know it, and they want to know how to improve this.

Enhancing Equity Ward Forums, May and June 2017:

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