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What is Our Equity Goal?

Ensuring procedures are in place at all levels of the system for developing, implementing and reviewing policies that promote equity and inclusion

How Have We Started To Achieve It?

  • Reviewed the Equity Foundation Policy (P037) to ensure the Board’s commitment to fairness, equity and inclusion are essential principles of the TDSB
  • Engaged our community in online and in-person public consultations on the draft Equity Foundation Policy
  • Conducted an environmental scan and started reviewing best practices of like organizations in advance of developing an Equity Assessment Tool to use in the formal policy review process. 
  • Revised Workplace Harassment Policy (P034) and conducted public consultation. The Board approved the revised policy – the Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy – and expect it to be launched June 2017.

 What Have We Learned?

Through the Enhancing Equity Task Force engagement process, we learned that there is a need for a clearer definition as well as an interpretation of the term equity – how equity applies to TDSB policies, programs and services, and how equity supports our shared commitment to improving outcomes for every student in every school.

We have understood that based on historic patterns, we must explicitly address communities and students who the system has not yet been able to serve well. e.g. addressing Anti-Indigenous/Anti Black racism; the need to collect information on Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism which we will begin to collect this year. 

What’s Next?

  • Finalize the Equity Foundation Policy (P037).
  • Co-develop Equity Assessment Tool. 
  • Develop Operational Procedure to support the Workplace Harassment Policy (P034).



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