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Staff Inspiration & Support

We Will Develop and implement an Attendance Support Program
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Establishment and use of a comprehensive Attendance Support and Engagement program for employees;
  • Review of our Disability Case Management program and processes and implement recommendations;
  • Improved attendance patterns and rates by employees.

We Will Support and ensure Health and Safety compliance
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Coordination, implementation and monitoring of compliance training for all school and central leaders and school based staff as required by legislation and Board policies and procedures, including development of additional system resources and tools;
  • Implementation of mandatory training regulated by the Ministry of Labour by 2014;
  • Implementation of training for Global Harmonized Systems (GHS), which replaces WHMIS, by late 2015;
  • Improved institutional accountability, health and safety measures (lost time injury, MOL citations) and risk management;

We Will Enhance our Human Resources Information Systems
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Improved human resources management efficiencies, with reductions in the margin of errors;
  • Upgraded Systems Applications & Products (SAP) application systems;
  • Implementation of Employee Self-Serve and Manager Self-Serve, with electronic access to pay stubs, T4’s, approval of leave requests, updating of personal information;
  • Implementation of third party software tools to assist in resolving payroll matters;
  • Protection of information and identity through implementation of an Identity Management System and secure ownership of key systems, databases and applications processes.

We Will Value meaningful work with Education Partners
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Strengthening where possible collaboration with Education Partners, including the nine Union and three Non-Union Employee groups;
  • Implementation of the terms of the government Memorandum of Understandings for the 2012-2014 collective agreements;
  • Review of Negotiations Framework in conjunction with the proposed new legislation (Bill 122) in preparation for the upcoming 2014 negotiations;
  • Participation in and follow up implementation of new Negotiation parameters and terms.

We Will Establish and implement Performance Management processes
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Consistent implementation of existing Performance Appraisal and Management processes;
  • Review of performance appraisal and management processes for Support Staff in other boards and large complex organizations;
  • Development and implementation of a performance appraisal and management process for select Support Staff groups that include training and educational components.

We Will Provide Professional Learning, Staff Development and Training programs
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Targeted use of intended funds for Staff Development and Professional Learning, including capacity building in EPO/GSN related Programs and for Early Childhood Educators, Childcare providers, Beginning Teachers, Mentoring of new Principals and Vice-Principals, Senior Staff and Support Staff;
  • Development and implementation of alternative designs for staff development and training, including greater use of job embedded learning and modernized tools and structures;
  • Initiation of a design concept for a Professional Learning Institute in TDSB owned sites;

We Will Establish and implement strong Talent Growth and Succession Planning structures and processes
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • 100% of Families of Schools and Central Departments will have Talent Growth – Aspiring Leadership initiatives.
  • Establishment, awareness and use of employment trend data to ensure knowledge growth and information and skills transfer for specific positions (including Senior Executive level and subject matter specialized positions);
  • Implementation of a Senior Team talent growth and succession planning survey and program;
  • Implementation of talent growth and succession planning strategies within all central and school based staff groups.

Student Achievement
Our Mission
To enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire
the knowledge, skills, and values
they need to become responsible members of a democratic society.
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