Toronto District School Board

Fiscal Stability & Accountability

We Will Develop and implement a Multi-year Balanced Budget Plan
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Presentation of balanced budgets each year;
  • Introduction and implementation of rigorous financial compliance measures;
  • 100% of all budget holders will receive training on Business Services processes;
  • Establishment and consistent application and adherence to funds management, cashless schools and use of funds for targeted purposes;
  • Open communications of financial state through Quarterly Financial Reports to the Board showing actual expenditures to approved budget plans;
  • Transparent and agreed upon budget development processes that lead to the establishment of multi-year balanced budget.

We Will Establish and implement Business Continuity Planning
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Development and implementation as required of a comprehensive Business Continuity strategy, with measures to address emergency services (immediate response to crisis), disaster recovery (retrieve historical data) and operational sustainability;
  • Establishment of an alternate Business Centre with capacity to replicate mission critical systems;
  • Implementation of a Windows XP Mitigation plan to ensure corporate applications are stabilized and continued.

We Will Champion Capital Sustainability and Reinvestment
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Development and implementation of an annual planning process that captures program and accommodation changes on a ward by ward basis;
  • Creation of a systematic approach to student program reviews and system space needs;
  • Exploration of alternative design solutions, including private - public partnerships and reinvestment opportunities;
  • On-going, constructive and results oriented discussion with the Ministry of Education on capital priority needs and deficit recovery planning;
  • Development of a long term K-12+ program and accommodation plan, with 10 year enrolment analysis;
  • Completion of Junior High Schools realignment, with consideration of direction and feedback from the Trustees, staff and communities involved.

We Will Support and value Continuous Improvement through program and operational Audits an Reviews
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Establishment and implementation of a process to respond to internal and external Reviews and Audits, including assessing, prioritizing, workflow, discretionary and non discretionary costs, communications, implementation cycle and monitoring for impact and reporting out;
  • Completion and response to current internal Program and Operational Reviews, including:
    1. Optional Attendance Policy,
    2. French Program Distribution,
    3. Special Education – Inclusionary Practices,
    4. Learning Opportunities Index,
    5. Transportation Costing,
    6. Warehouse Distribution Centre,
    7. Administrative Space,
    8. Toronto Lands Corporation Evaluation and
    9. Return to Work Accommodations.
  • Establishment and cyclical updating of public TDSB Accountability website, including posting of Achievement Progress School by School and by Families of Schools, School Budgets, Director’s Office and Central Program Expenditures.

We Will Modernize our Information Technologies Systems
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Focused resources to expand necessary IT infrastructure requirements to sufficiently increase capacity for learners and teachers, including improved bandwidths, 100% of our schools with wireless school zones and/or classrooms and capable of “Bring Your Own Devices” programming for students and more Blended Learning and e-learning services;
  • Development and use of an integrated TDSB Virtual Library, with 24/7 accessibility for students, staff and parents.

We Will Develop and initiate implementation of a K – 12+ Long Term Program & Accommodation Plan
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Establishment of a systematic approach to Program Reviews and Student Accommodation Planning for a 10 year period, including enrolment tracking resulting from new developments, program and neighbourhood changes;
  • Greater consideration of redevelopment opportunities and opportunities for integrated service delivery;
  • Clearer K-12+ Program Planning and implementation, with identification of existing, revised and new program needs and locations.

We Will Establish and implement Policy & Procedure, Risk Management and Accountability structures
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Implementation of a cyclical (4 years) process for review of all Policy & Procedure to ensure currency and relevancy;
  • Development of a process to ensure all Audit & Review reports are responded to;
  • 100% of Senior Staff and Central and School Leaders receiving training on risk management and institutional accountability, with the expectation that this training will be cascaded throughout their departments and schools.

Student Achievement
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