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Education & Sustainable Development

We Will Champion and support Environmental Protection programs
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • More than 60% of our schools benefiting from the successful installation of solar arrays on school roofs;
  • 100% of our schools benefiting from the implementation of organic recycling pick up;
  • 100% of our schools participating in Eco-Schools programming and certification;
  • Development and implementation of a three year energy conservation and demand management plan.

We Will Strengthen Gender Equality
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Reduction of gender based violence reports through a stronger focus on respectful and healthy relationships;
  • Reduction in the achievement gaps between male and female students;
  • Reduction in the percentage and number of male students suspended and/or expelled from school;
  • 100% of schools with grades 7 – 12 classes with one trained Positive Spaces representative;
  • Implementation of the revised TDSB Guidelines for the Accommodation of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students and Staff;
  • Assessment and plan of action to support greater opportunities for male representation in school roles.

We Will Promote and implement Student Health programs
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Stronger partnership work with Toronto Public Health and organizations and agencies to support health promotion for students and families;
  • Implementation of programs to rigorously support active and healthy living, including an Active Transportation Charter, Daily Physical Activity, Nutrition, Vision & Hearing screening and mental well-being;
  • Increased advocacy for resources to support in-school health promotion programs, such as more Pediatric Clinics;
  • Exploration and implementation of Integrated Service Delivery to maximize one-stop partnership services in school sites.

We Will Strengthen commitment and advocacy for Inner City programs for students and communities
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Establishment of a stronger focus on the learning and service needs of Inner City students and communities;
  • Greater efforts to work with external agencies to establish a community based integrated approach to providing services to Inner City areas;
  • Improved educational opportunities and success rates for students and parents in Inner City schools (150 Model Schools for Inner Cities schools);
  • Review of the Learning Opportunities Grant, followed by action oriented recommendations to better support students from Inner City communities;
  • Establishment of a Toronto District School Board Inner City department with dedicated focus on Inner City programming and services.

We Will Support initiatives for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Livelihoods
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Work with external agencies and partners to advocate and support programs that mitigate the negative impacts of poverty;
  • Improved achievement, skill development and economic opportunities for students and where possible, parents from racialized backgrounds;
  • Provision of professional development for all school and central leaders on understanding the relationship between racialization and poverty;

We Will Lead meaningful Research and Innovative Practice
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Processes to initiate, complete, report and respond to Research Reports and Literature Reviews;
  • Greater advocacy for internal and external policy development or change, and program resourcing based on TDSB research & recommendations;
  • Development and implementation of a Student Innovation & Entrepreneurialism Strategy, which includes financial literacy, increased opportunities to participate in experiential learning, specialist high skills major, broad based technology and STEM based co-curricular programs;
  • Increased focus on curriculum and programs to better realize Employability Skills (Conference Board of Canada).

We Will Demonstrate commitment to Responsible Citizenship programs
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Development of a Youth Leadership Strategy by bringing together student voice, leadership and citizenship through the creation of programs, partnerships and opportunities that engage our youths in learning through social action on local and global issues;
  • 100% of our schools promoting and implementing Character Education initiatives and programs;
  • 100% of our schools with “caring adult” programs and processes to ensure every student feels seen and heard;
  • 100% of our schools participating in School Climate Surveys, with actions to address survey results in School Improvement Plans.

Student Achievement
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