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Parent and Community Involvement

The Toronto District School Board believes that education is a shared responsibility among parents, the community, students, staff and that by working together we all contribute to the improvement of our schools and the success of our students.

In addition to local involvement of school-based parent councils, we have ten community advisory committees that provide an opportunity for parental and community input and advocacy on policy and programs.

Community Advisory Committees 

The 6th Annual Parents Make a Difference Conference was held on November 17, 2012 and this year focused on exploring the cause, those impacted, the role and responsibilities of boards, parents/guardians and the community in closing achievement gaps.

Each year the Parent Engagement Office (PEO) hosts a series of sessions for parents on a wide range of issues that have been identified by parents. School Councils Planning for the 2011/2012 School Year included sessions on the following topics:

  • School Council (Regulation 612/613)
  • Planning parent outreach for the next school year
  • Planning elections
  • School Council Budgets, funding & Annual Reporting
  • School Council Fundraising
  • Principal Profile & School Statement of Needs

In 2012, Trustees established a task force aimed at building a coalition of support for the success of TDSB students of Somali descent. The task force will report back to the Board by the end of May 2013 with possible solutions to address the unique needs of Somali students.

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