Toronto District School Board

School Budgets - 2017 - 2018

Trustee: Mari Rutka

Budget Enrolment 2017 - 2018: 141

Base School and Small School Allocation Elementary $5,000; Secondary $10,000; Alternative Schools on stand alone site $5,000 Small School Add'l Base FTE<=200 $5,000; FTE>200<=250 $2,500; FTE>250<=300 $1,500$0
General Per Pupil ($96.5/elem, $150.5/sec)$13,607
Library Per Pupil (17/elem, $26/sec)$2,397
School Office Per Pupil ($23.5/elem, $31.85/sec)$3,314
Middle School Supplement ($38/Gr678)$1,710
French Imm/Ext Supp ($15/pupil)$0
School Council ($1.25/pupil, min $300 max $1,000)$300
Learning Opportunities Supplement (weighted enrolment *$15/Elem; $8/Sec)$400
Student Financial Assistance (weighted enrolment *$13/sec) $0
Math Manipulative ($4/Gr 7-12)$104
Professional Development ($5/pupil)$705
International Baccalaureate, Primary Yr Program and Middle Yr Program
   Elementary and JHS - $20,000/site
   Secondary (Base $35,000 plus $800/FTE enrolled in IB Program Gr 11/12)
   New Secondary site $10,000 - for Staff Training and Site Fee Costs
Tech Ed Supplement (per credit)$0
Arts ($15/credit) $0
Family Studies ($30/credit) $0
Instrumental Music ($50/credit)$0
Sp Ed Tchr Supplement$115
Preliminary School Budget before Technology Allocation$22,652
Technology Allocation
   Base Amount using school enrolment
   10% of the funding allocated based on student to computer/tablet ratio
   Balance of the funding is allocated based on weighted enrolment
Total Preliminary School Budget 2017-2018$24,685
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