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Funds Management

Funds management is an enhanced budgeting tool that we’ve recently implemented at the TDSB to improve controls on operational spending. Funds management helps schools and central departments avoid overspending on their budgets by sending warning messages when the percentage of funds used reaches a certain level.

For example, if a school or central budget reaches 75% spent, the person performing the transaction, and his/her principal or manager, receives an email alert. Alerts will continue to be sent as higher percentages are reached. Budgets will not be permitted to exceed 100% spent.  

    The implementation of funds management will help schools and central departments stay within their financial limits and make responsible spending decisions.

    Financial Statements

    Each year we prepare and post externally audited statements detailing the financial position of the TDSB:

    2011 - 2012 Financial Statements  
    2010 - 2011 Financial Statements   
    2009 - 2010 Financial Statements  
    2008 - 2009 Financial Statements   
    2007 - 2008 Financial Statements   
    2006 - 2007 Financial Statements  
    2005 - 2006 Financial Statements  
    2004 - 2005 Financial Statements 
    Our Mission
    To enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire
    the knowledge, skills, and values
    they need to become responsible members of a democratic society.
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